Light up the darkness.

Mobile Floodlight with 

Hybrid Power Supply Technology

The market demands a lighting equipment that is efficient, durable and can withstand all the harsh conditions that nature throws at it. It also needs to be safe to operate and easy to maintain.

With these considerations in mind, We come up with a hybrid lighting solution that provides maximum fuel efficiency and reliability, guaranteeing 3,800 square meters of illuminated area, specially designed to solve your on-site project lighting challenges. 

The Ignite Hybrid Floodlight is powered by a hybrid power supply system: a series of rechargeable batteries integrated by a diesel motor. The combined system offers great advantages in terms of fuel savings, reduction of CO₂ emissions and operations in the night even in built-up areas.

Light up the darkness.

We've got you covered.

Our hybrid floodlight surpasses the conventional ones due to the dual power sources of battery and engine. The battery takes over and continues to provide illumination when the engine fails, so that your work is not disrupted.

Nature's best friend.

We care about the environment and our hybrid floodlight is built to be extremely fuel-efficient with reduced CO₂ emission, helping you stay compliant with regulations from the authorities at the same time.

Keep on runnin'

Ignite hybrid floodlight runs non-stop for up to 12 hours in one charge, effectively doubling or tripling your productive work time, enabling you to complete your projects faster and acquire more business. 

Suitable for all applications.

A compact and highly mobile equipment, the Ignite Hybrid Floodlight can be transported and deployed in a wide diversity of project localities and situations. 












Technical specifications.

Realise the benefits of hybrid lighting technology.

We are always looking into ways to make your operationality on site more productive and efficient, while keeping running and maintenance cost low. Ignite is another quality product that exemplifies our commitment to help you succeed in your projects.

Contact us today and find out how Ignite hybrid lighting solutions can help you open up new opportunities and achieve your business goals.

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